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Busy Weekend

It has been busy. Friday we made more progress on cleaning out the garage as well as some work on my antennas. We still can’t park in the garage, but the antenna situation has improved.

There’s a type of antenna called a “Yagi” (after its inventor) or a “beam” based on its appearance. It’s a highly directional antenna that lets you aim your signal in a particular direction. I had one years ago, and I’m ready for one again. In the meantime, the existing antennae (sorry, had to do it) after the weekend’s work are now operational and let me talk to stations in the Caribbean and much of Europe.

It was great.



Later in the weekend, we went treasure hunting at the thrift shops and I found a 4.5 inch reflector telescope with electronic positioning. It needs pieces parts, but I’ve tried various telescopes over the years, and this is the closest to what I’ve wanted.

I’ll keep you posted as I work on it.

The thought of seeing Saturn’s rings or Jupiter’s moons with my own eyes is absolutely awesome.