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Something Old, Something New


Courtesy of – never mind.

Joe Walsh of the Eagles wrote a song telling how he’s an analog man in a digital world. Now I’m a (very) few years younger than Joe, but I kind of understand. In my case, though, I’ve got one foot in each world.

Does this make me digilog or anatal?

I love the flexibility my Kindle gives me. When I’m traveling I can switch from a non-fiction book, to a thriller, to a computer language lesson while sitting at the restaurant. Whatever mood my muse is in, I can usually satisfy it. If the restaurant has Wi-Fi and my Kindle doesn’t have what I am in the mood for, I can download something more appropriate.

I don’t have to wait for a chance to drive to the bookstore – I can just download whatever interests me.

Although I’m clumsy with the small touchscreen, I can still check my e-mail or see what’s on the web. My Kindle is pretty cool.


I love my morning newspaper. I like to spread the paper out in front of me, leaving just enough room for juice, coffee and an English muffin. I read the newspaper in a specific order. First the national news, followed by the local news and opinions, although the opinion page gets a cursory look unless something catches my interest.

Lately – not so much.

I drop the Sports section on the table in front of my son’s chair.

Then I read the “Daily Break” – where the “Virginian-Pilot” puts the light hearted material – and the all-important comics. If everything works out right, when I get to my coffee, it’s comics time.

I read the paper on-line when I’m traveling, and it works, but just is no way as satisfying as spreading the good old fashioned, cellulose based newspaper in front of my breakfast.

Then, of course, comes the ultimate reason where real books triumph over e-readers. A bathtub full of hot water, with a glass of wine sitting next to it. I’d never take an e-reader into the tub, but a good paperback book makes it perfect.

Modern Advances

Technology! It brings us so many things, yet does it truly make things better?

Handwritten letters in the mail had a personality of their own, but all e-mails look alike.



I used to like to fill the bathtub with warm water and luxuriate in it with a book or magazine. Now I get my books and magazines on my Kindle.

Can’t read a Kindle or a Nook much less an iPad in a bathtub.

I used to love to go for a Sunday drive with my parents and see parts of the area that I normally didn’t see. Now I rely on my GPS, and if something catches my interest I hear,

“When possible make a legal U-Turn…”

Of course, when my kids reach my age, they’ll be telling their grandchildren, “We used to stay in touch with our best friends by smartphone, all day and half the night…”