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A Topic! A Topic! My Kingdom for a Topic!

I try to focus on the upbeat or at least the intellectual. Lately, that has been difficult. I have a wonderful blog written about my failure to get my Lowe’s extended warranty Whirlpool dishwasher working on a more than occasional basis, but who wants to read about that?

Then there’s politics—enough said . . . .

Don Quixote–Pablo Picasso 1955

So, it’s not that I’ve been ignoring everyone, it’s that I, like Don Quixote have been seeking something; he sought dragons in the windmills. I seek humor in today’s world. Cervantes gave Don Quixote Sancho Panza and the Golden Helmet of Mambrino, but alas, I have neither plucky comic relief nor magical accoutrements to find the humor in today’s world.

But, then again, Don Quixote saw Dulcinea—the perfect woman within Aldonza. Maybe, as we approach Hanukah, Christmas, and the Winter Solstice, we are being called to find, if not perfection, at least that glitter of gold in one another.

Now THAT would give me something great to write about.

Yet Another Magical Story

If you’ve heard the story once, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Guy goes down to thrift store, buys an old lamp, sometimes he thinks it’s a teapot, doesn’t matter. In any case he buys it and takes it home. Once home he decides it looks a little grungy so he starts to clean it up. Next thing you know, there’s a genie coming out of the lamp, or the gravy boat or whatever it actually is.

“You have released the Genie of the lamp! You are now entitled to a wish!”

“A wish? I thought it was three wishes.”

“Hey, times are tough. We had to cut back. You’re lucky we didn’t outsource everything back to India.”

“Okay, one wish.”

“And no wishing for more wishes, or…”

“Got it. I did my college thesis on Arabian Nights.”

“I read it. Pitiful! That’s why I thought you’d need the whole explanation.”

“Just what I need, a Genie who’s a critic.”

“I was adjunct faculty in literature for three thousand years. Old habits die hard.”

“I understand.”

“So your wish?”

“Hmmm. Give me a minute.”

“Take your time. It’s good to get out of the lamp and stretch my legs.”

“You don’t have legs.”

“Talk about critics.”

“Okay I’m ready. Here’s my wish. I wish I was satisfied.”

“Sounds like you’re wishing for more wishes.”

“No, I don’t want everything to go my way or have everything that I ever dreamed of. I just want to realize what I have is what I’ve always wanted.”

The genie thought for a minute, then snapped his fingers. “Done!” he said, and disappeared.

At the same moment the front door opened and my wife walked in with the kids.

“Daddy!” my daughter cried and gave me a hug. My son, being a teenager, offered a fist bump.

“And how are you?” my wife asked as she leaned over our daughter to kiss me.

“Satisfied,” I replied.