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Men and Women are Different


Men and women are different. This has nothing to do with equality – it’s just a fact.

Women’s magazines stress the importance of men helping with the “hard k” sounding things – cleaning, cooking and kids. I have yet to see an article saying something like, “Bond with your husband by installing new wax seals for your toilets,” or “Love on a rooftop while replacing shingles.”

Women have a thing for bags and shoes. People have tried to explain this to me over the years. I nodded and smiled, but the vacant stare made it obvious that I just didn’t get it.

One told me that the popularity of shoes is due to the fact that the size remains the same.


I try to do my share of the “hard k” things on behalf of my family. When my wife and I first met, I was a single parent, so am fully qualified on laundry – including ironing and replacing buttons, and cook pretty well, if I do say so myself.

The other side of the equation is that guys like “hard g” sounding things – gadgets, grills, guns and guitars. Gadgets include tools, special purpose cooking utensils, and anything that uses fuel. I have a collection of guitars – acoustic, electric, six string, and twelve string. I have a Taylor that is my “church acoustic,” and yes, I have a “church electric, too. My everyday guitar sits next to my chair in the family room.

It’s a guy thing. At least I don’t need shoes to match each guitar.

Like I said, men and women are different.


It’s never enough.



People who strive to be rich rarely reach the point where they decide that they’ve succeeded. They seem to need to own one more income property or make one more stock killing.

Then there are faces of women on the magazine covers by the checkout counter at the supermarket. Different magazines have the same supermodel/superstar on the cover. Seeing multiple versions of the same face staring at me give me the creepy feeling that I’m at a clone convention.

They go from the “It Girl” to yesterday’s news to the Paparazzi special with no makeup, workout clothes and the expression that precedes a sneeze.

On the other hand, the ordinary people who live paycheck to paycheck and are happy that they look better than their driver’s license photo know that a home and a family is quite enough.

Inside Every Grown Man…

I admit I’ve led an interesting life.

Working in a hospital I routinely dealt with the real life version of what others watch on television.

I’ve worked rescue and recovery operations after tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.

I learned to fly and got my pilot’s license.

I was a supervisor for the resupply of McMurdo Station, Antarctica and watched the sun go in a big circle without rising or setting. I had my picture with a flock of penguins just so I could say, “I’m the tall one in the middle.”

I served in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

I got to play guitar for a USO show.

After so many experiences you’d think I’d have a pretty staid reaction to things.

I want one!

But when I see one of those small size bulldozers I am reduced to a virtual four-year-old and all I can think of is, “How can I get my hands on one and go dig something?”

I’m sure Tim (the Toolman) Taylor would understand.