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Beauty in Unexpected Places

I have a fascination with the Venus Flytrap. While there are a number of carnivorous plants, most trap bugs by being sticky or having a shape that provides an entry without an exit. The Venus Fly Trap, on the other hand has adapted its leaves to attract insects and the end of the leaves have taken a shape that is actually a trap. When an insect touches trigger hairs inside the trap, the trap snaps shut, with the insect now relegated to the role of dinner.

Giving it a feminine name, much less the name of a goddess, just adds to the appeal.

But even plants of such exotic nature have their own unique beauty, as seen in the delicate white flowers of the flytrap.


Venus’s Flowers


Pansy wikipedia


Around here, in the fall they plant pansies.

When I was a kid, “pansy” referred to a weakling; someone who couldn’t survive a challenge.

Yet pansies are planted as a winter flower around mailboxes and around offices to give a little color to the otherwise drab winter.

While it’s true that Virginia winters are not like winters in Ohio, the Yukon or Siberia, it’s still winter. You’re not going to catch me sleeping outside.

I think pansies have not been getting the respect they deserve.

Status Report

Stardate 2013.05072013.19.10

Came home from work, tired.



Scanners indicate potential meteorological event consisting of precipitation, changes in barometric pressure, surface winds and possible deadly electrical activity in the atmosphere.

Indications are that home surrounding of fescue (festuca) Pooideae (lawn grass) is growing outside of optimal parameters. Quickly utilized lawn tractor (shuttle) to ensure compliance to conform with regional norms.

Consulted with representative of other species (Alex – Monk parrot) and he advised me that upon completion of fescue mission, I should withdraw and conduct restorative maneuvers.

Poured wine.


Good night.