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Communications Progress

In this day when we can instantaneously tweet in 140 characters or less (LOL) are we really communicating better?

First, I think we’ve forgotten how to use punctuation. I mean some “people” seem to “think” that quotation marks are some kind of “magic” sign whether on the page or in the “virtual” world.

Then, of course, you have those who think that comma’s must be used immediately before the final S in any word. “Please remove shoe’s” etc. I think example’s like these show people’s willingnes’s to rely on generalism’s.

In the interest of political correctness we use the plural pronoun “they” so that using the masculine singular pronoun “he” is not dis-inclusive. This leads to such sayings as:

“Them who hesitates is lost”

I guess it was inevitable. People probably bemoaned the loss of colonial speech when “thee” gave way to “you” and wives no longer referred to their husbands as “Mr. So-sand-so.”

We’ve successfully bid goodbye to the grape scissors and salad knife at the dinner table. In fact, we’ve pretty much said goodbye to the dinner table, except as a place to stack things. So too will we say goodbye in the not too distant future to current punctuation.

IMHO #thatsthewayitis