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Post D

That’s “D” as in the Roman numeral for 500 This is my 500th blog and I’ve been thinking something special to write. Coincidentally, I also now have more than 100 followers – not impressive to “REAL” bloggers, but for me a milestone nevertheless.

I thought about writing something funny. Maybe based on the line that John Wayne spoke in one of his movies. “Life’s hard. It’s harder if you’re stupid.” Nope.

Maybe the start of another multi-part science fiction tale? Couldn’t think up a good story to tell.

So instead I offer you something to think about.

Imagine you were in a terrible accident and spent a month in a coma. You wake up and find that your body is in casts, traction and all sorts of therapeutic (and uncomfortable) contraptions. What goes through your mind?

“I’m glad to be alive!”

Now imagine that you’re healthy, everything is going pretty much in your favor and as you open a letter you get a paper cut from the envelope.

It drives you crazy all day long.

Sometimes it’s the little things that capture our attention. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You may never win the Nobel Prize or a Pulitzer or the lottery. That’s okay because those aren’t the things that we really need.

Pay attention to the little things in your life that are good. Dinner with your spouse. Your son taking on an extra chore without being asked. Your daughter telling you why her day was good. A warm shower. Fresh sheets on the bed. The smell of fresh baked bread.

Revel in the good things and savor every one of them.

Like hitting blog 500.

Or having 101 followers.

Thank you, everybody.