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Sandy Hook Elementary School

I believe that some people either may be purely evil or are influenced by evil to the point of control. I don’t believe that tragedies of this type are caused by misunderstood people who had a tough childhood. There’s more to it than that.

Philosophically, evil may be a force of its own, or may merely be a void where goodness has been denied a place.

When we see people doing “good” we see them helping others. We see that they don’t place their own wants, fears, needs and beliefs ahead of everyone else. They place others at least on par with, if not above themselves.

The ultimate example, of course, was Jesus.

There is a quote, often attributed to Edmund Burke, which says, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing.”

After each senseless tragedy we take measures to improve security, change the tactics that first responders use and provide training for key people such as teachers.

Most of us, though, are left to stand by and watch in disbelief and grief, wishing we could do something.

I propose one more measure. Each of us blessed with Faith says that he or she places their future in God‘s hands. We also believe that He listens to our prayers.

If you don’t often pray, take time, right now, to pray. You don’t have to ask for anything in particular, just reach out to God.

Maybe if enough good people do something evil will not be so successful.