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Sun’s Magnetic Field Collapsing!

NASA photo

NASA photo

An amazing event is underway – the magnetic poles of the sun are reversing.

While this sounds like the opening chapter of a science fiction story, it really is no big deal – it happens every eleven years.

It’s almost incomprehensible how all the pieces of the universe fit together perfectly, from the tiniest to the mightiest.

Might almost make you think that something – or someone – was guiding it.


Where Are the Elves?

Free Advertising for Keebler (I prefer chocolate and peanut butter if you feel compelled to respond)

Free Advertising for Keebler
(Any thing chocolate and peanut butter if you feel compelled to respond)

I recall a story from my childhood in which the elves came at night to help a cobbler make shoes. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard that Keebler uses an elf as their mascot since “Keebler” sounds like cobbler.

I want to know where MY elves are.

I don’t expect them to go to work for me, but elves who made coffee, fixed broken things, etc. would be mighty helpful. So far, none have shown up, so I have to do those things myself.

Oddly, when I do, my wife has this funny Mona Lisa smile.