The Queen Is Dead! Long Live the King!

For at least two or three months, we we have been subjected to countless news articles telling us that King Charles would soon be coronated (coronated? What the hell is wrong with crowned?) Eventually, Saturday 6 May 2023 dawned and the pomp and circumstance and ceremony and more pomp etc., had wall-to-wall coverage of the event on American television.

(Didn’t we fight Great Britain and King George III for over 10 years to be freed?)

Since then, everyday, we continue to get stories about King Charles and Queen Camilla on the Internet, on TV, and in papers and magazines.)


The best I can figure out is that this is a tribute to Chevy Chase and Saturday Night Live. In the first season of SNL, whenever Chevy presented the Weekend Update, the top story was “Generalissimo Francisco Franco” is still dead!”

So, I guess that today’s news is to proclaim that Charles is still King.

Of course, given that his mother held onto the throne until her dying breath, Charles probably repeatedly needs to hear that he is still (and finally) King.

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