The Cynic’s Report

Every day, pollsters, futurists, and the occasional charlatan present us with scientifically developed results (with a margin of error of + or – 4 percent) as to what the next election/weather event/profitable investment will be. The results seem to be about as accurate as flipping a coin, but they follow up with all kinds of explanations as to why their predictions were really correct even though they did not match reality.

Is it my imagination that many, if not most, conspiracy promoters just happen to have something to sell?

If computerized appliances are so smart, why can’t they submit their own warranty registration online?

How much news would their be on the internet if they could no longer publish endless stories about celebrities, reality television shows, or advertisements based on something you said that the computer, Alexa, or Siri overheard?

What if every Facebook subscriber began writing scathing, blatantly false, but nevertheless titillating stories about Mark Zuckerberg on a daily basis?

2 responses to “The Cynic’s Report

  1. If the appliance could type on your keyboard and knew all your relevant details then you wouldn’t be necessary…just a redundancy! Hopefully the smart appliances won’t catch onto this, it may not be good for your health.

    • True. Then I could just relax and let my refrigerator write the blog. Of course, I’d ask it what it would like to have stored inside and make sure that it was on my list. Cooperation is the name of the game! Thanks for writing!

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