This, That, and Something Else

CNN reported today that some people’s New Year will be affected because of a shortage of high-end champagne because global warming screwed up the vineyards (Gasp!). I hope all the billionaires who make their money from industries that pollute have to make do with grocery store bubbly. And wouldn’t it be fun if it makes them belch at especially embarrassing times?

Last year, on 30 December, in the days before COVID-19 vaccines, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I spent about two weeks there, most of which is still a blur. This year, on 30 December, I retired. I prefer retirement to COVID—Big Time!

And just for the record—after I got the first and second doses of the vaccine AND the booster, I tried to get metal to be magnetically attracted. No luck—not even the little, tiny pieces. I used a sensitive frequency meter to detect any chips. I came up empty-handed. If it doesn’t make me magnetic or enable me to transmit to satellites, what’s the big deal?

Having experienced COVID-19 and the 3 jab* vaccination, I can tell you, I’ll take the jabs.

* I’d never hear a heard the medical use of syringes and needles referred as a jab before. I think it’s a British term; they just want to make sure we know that, George Washington notwithstanding, that they still have clout when it comes to language.

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