The Briefcase Trials

Photo by Nalilo (angry_goose_by_nalilo.jpg)

Photo by Nalilo

For years I carried a heavy duty cloth briefcase/computer case to and from work. It eventually got so worn that I had the shoulder strap clasps secured with duct tape (but black tape, to match the bag).

Around that same time I began an online course in editing. Since it was for my job, and the reference books were handy for work and essential for the course, I carried many books each day. Eventually I switched to a backpack—there were a number of hand-me-ups from my kids readily available.

Bad move—I soon developed back pain. My doctor managed the pain. I switched to a rolling briefcase. Problem solved.


A rolling briefcase is subject to one major problem – Canadian Geese. Canadian Geese are large, mean, and prone to leave a tremendous trail of fecal droppings.

Some people call them “Northern Geese.” I suspect this was started by the Canadians because they certainly don’t deserve to be saddled with the geese’s well-deserved reputation.

For example, my parents had a nice little place on a nice little lake where nice people swam, boated, skied, and generally had a good time. Thanks to the not-so-nice geese with their totally-not-nice fecal bacteria, the lake was condemned.

Back to the briefcase. The geese hang out around the Chesapeake Bay area year round. Therefore, having a rolling briefcase means that when traveling from car to office, one must choose whether to focus on not being run over or on avoiding the goose droppings. I have this thing for not being run over, so—I’ll spare you the details.

I wish Doc Brown would invent a hover briefcase . . . .

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